What is UX Strategy?

User Experience Strategy is the practice of identifying and designing the touchpoints that a user or customer will experience in their journey with your project.

Experience strategy is focused on:

  • Identifying core user needs
  • Translating needs into features
  • Translating features into UX designs and product roadmaps

Experience strategy coordinates UX efforts, making sure that everything is aligned behind a strategic business intent and grounded in user-driven insights.

I help early-stage product teams with UX strategy

I focus on helping teams in the early stages of a product or feature offering. In these stages, the core needs are for teams to:

  • User Research: Understand context and Validate the need for their product with their target market
  • Product Definition: Define the value proposition and initial feature set for the product. Differentiate between key features and value-adds.
  • High-Level Design: Design the high-level UI/UX for the product’s MVP in a way that the interface can gracefully scale to more features over time.

Why is this helpful for product teams?

For mature products, design specialists more useful—a visual design specialist for visuals, UX Research specialists for A/B testing specific micro-changes, etc…

However, in the beginning stages of a project, it serves teams to work with a designer that has broad skills but deep business and vertical knowledge.

I specialize in finance & web3 products.

For a consultant, focus means efficiency and depth—consultants who narrow their focus have less ramp-up time, can pull deeper insights from customer research, and can offer better advice based on experience working with similar clients.

I’ve focused my consulting on finance and web3.

What is a project like?

Every project is different (early-stage teams are needs are fluid), but most projects include:

Project Vision & Promise

Workshops to align the team on the vision of the project.

Customer Research

Design research activities with customers, users, and subject matter experts.

Prototype Ideation

Product prototypes for user feedback or investor presentations.

Product definition

Distillation of a product’s core features and value proposition based on customer research.

Product Roadmap Workshops

Synthesis of the company’s goals, capabilities, and user needs to build a product roadmap.

Product Design

Designs for the MVP of a product and streamlined handoff to detailed designers who will carry it through implementation.

Having a seasoned, strategic, UI/UX expert was a game-changer as we developed the more complex aspects of the product.

Kyle and I worked together on a product team building a complex product during its’ pilot stage, where I was the Product manager… He quickly got up to speed on complex treasury and finance landscape + understanding customer needs and asked thoughtful questions that impacted the final product in very meaningful ways… [Through the] push-pull of design vs product priorities, his design-thinking techniques helped facilitate conversations that managed stakeholders and effectively informed the product strategy. 

Chaitalee Deokar

Then: J.P. Morgan Treasury Services, VP
Now: Head of Data Products, Coindesk Strategy

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